Activating Your Kundalini Energy

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Kundalini energy is in all of us and it's at the base of spine, or root chakra. Kundalini energy like a snake, it's dormant, lying quietly and coiled. Working with your chakras can awaken this Kundalini energy. Starting to opening one's chakras does give a chance of that awakening process happen. 

It's unlikely that Kundalini would awaken suddenly. The process occurs over a period of time and it usuallyhappens with people who have been actively and regularly practicing it in their lifes. This practices can be Kundalini yoga or regularly regularly receiving or performing energy work.

Awakening your Kundalini energy can be full of joy if you done it safely, gradually, with supervision and while cultivating your spirit. Kundalini energy can be profound consciousness and heightened psychic and intuitive sensibilities. Because of this reason, those who seek enlightenment often try to activate through practices like Kundalini yoga and meditation.

If the Kundalini energy awakens suddenly and you're not prepared for it or have blocks in your chakras, the energy can get stuck. It can be very difficult to manage the painful psychical symptoms brought on by the massive energy shooting throughout your body. These intense energy can the unprepared initiate to mental and emotional instability. When your Kundalini energy has been spontaneously awakened and you're not prepared for it, finding a good spiritual teacher to help you move through it is crucial. 

Activating your Kundalini isn't the only way to summon power of your chakras. Other paths to awakening your chakras  are more gentle and pleasent.

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