Some of the Benefits of Reiki

Friday, July 31, 2020

Reiki helps to accelerate the body’s innate natural healing ability. 

Reiki complements all other forms of healing & personal growth.
Reiki helps to calm the mind and can be a relief for anxiety and stress. 

Reiki can help to relieve pain. 

Reiki helps to strengthen our immune system. 

Reiki can free up blockages, emotions and fears rooted in the past.
Reiki always directs itself to where it is needed most in the body. 

Reiki is effective with children, animals, plants and food. 

Reiki can also be used to heal places and situations. 

Reiki can be learned in a short space of time. 

Reiki can help us to achieve balance in our life. 

Reiki can help us to further understand our own truly divine potential. 

Reiki not only helps to cure illness, but it also the root causes. 

Reiki boosts the life force energy within our body.

Reiki also helps to develop our physical and mental capacity. 

Reiki can be used in the final stages life to help the ‘transition’ process. 

Reiki can cure disease without medicine or medical instruments. 

Reiki can be learned without any level of formal education. 

Everyone can learn Reiki, regardless of age, religion or cultural background.

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