Hi! ❤ I'm Irlinya. 
I'm a hedge witch and work on my path since 2012. My awareness came to when I'm very little but I wasn't know that such a world is exist. I was always spiritual. Started my journey with becoming Reiki Master and attuning different energies. I wasn't interested that much before but I become a Crystal Healer. Now, crystals like a way of living for me. 
I was an athlete and interested in sports so I started doing pilates then I got my Pilates Instructor Certificate. I was heard of meditation and yoga but I wasn't know what it's mean and had a wrong impression about them. 
I was already an aggressive person. With the stress of life and mostly school, I had anger manager management issues and this was affecting my behave to people around me. This is how started doing meditation. I left that phase of my life and I'm so much happier, peaceful. 
And now, I'm about to complete my yoga teacher training! So exacted for that!

There is a list of my certifications and for sessions you can contact with me through e-mail! I do online meditation, yoga and breathwork sessions! Also Reiki sessions and Reiki trainings! Other coaching sessions are available if you mail me!

Meditation Teacher
Yoga Teacher (RYT-200, Restorative and Chair Yoga)
Breathwork Practitioner
Usui Reiki Ryoho Master & Teacher
Kundalini Reiki Master & Teacher
Karuna Reiki Practitioner
Angelic Healing Practitioner
Crystal Healing Practitioner
Pilates Instructer
Mindfulness Life Coach 
Happiness Life Coach
Vedic Astrologer
Angelic Medium

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