A single card reading for when you want quick guidance. Ask your question and tune into it, your guidance will be revealed with reading. 

Great reading for getting into a dialog with your soul. Two card layout will provide clear guidance on what your soul is calling you toward. Guidance of what is falling and what is rising in you.

If you're feeling a transition intuitively and feel like a change needs to happen in your life, this reading will help you to identify what's gonna happen in this next phase of your soul journey.

Where are you being guided to?

What do you need to do to get there? What do you need to understand about this next phase? This questions will be answered through this reading.


Reveal what will changes with the energy of this Full Moon until the others! What will come to you and what will leave you? Which meditation you should prefer, which crystal you need to work with, which emotions will raise up... All of these and more in this reading. It's not a simple tarot reading, it's a ritual!


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